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In addition to displaying her drawings at the Shepard Hall, Catalina Bertola hosted an interactive community event.

She designed five temporary installation activities to engage her viewers in a hands-on way and further explore the visual motifs and ideas behind the artwork.

Participants of all ages came away with a multi-sensory experience of art and left their own mark on the exhibit.

Light Box

A panel of light was covered with a layer of rice that was dyed black. Toddlers, senior citizens, and everyone in between were fascinated by the visual effect of the light shifting and beaming through gaps in the rice. Participants were invited to disrupt the little grains with their hands- drawing images and patterns or simply enjoying the sensory experience. 


Collaborative Collage- "Potential"

 Participants of the opening event were encouraged to take part in creating a collaborative art piece which remained on display for the duration of the exhibit. They were asked to draw or write a response to the question, “If you could become anyone, what kind of person would you become?”  The table was covered in art supplies and scraps of paper on various shapes and shades which participants could choose from. Each piece of paper had a number on the back which corresponded to a shape outlined on a poster board. The participants affixed their contribution to the board to create a grayscale image of a fetus. 



Crayons and small sheets of coloring pages featuring images related to ultrasound were placed on a low table, easily accessible to younger participants.


Pattern Puzzle

A table lay covered in jigsaw pieces- inviting participants to help connect the puzzle. The image featured on this 520 piece puzzle was a print of "Turbulence“ one of the drawings featured in the series. 


Image Reveal

By following directions posted at the station, participants worked together to create and reveal hidden images. One person would draw or write something on a small piece of white paper using white crayon- then hand it off to a friend, family member, or stranger who would color over the entire paper in black marker- revealing the message or doodle. 

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