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Each drawing in this series begins the same way. Catalina Bertola picks up a black pen and starts making 3 little horizontal lines, 3 little vertical lines, 3 horizontal, 3 vertical… again and again. Until the edge of the paper is completely filled across with little hatch marks.


As she continues, slight and accidental variation causes the pattern to gradually morph and ripple. Eventually leading to dramatic variation in size and angle. Despite being entirely composed of a rigid and repetitive pattern, the drawings have a sense of fluidity and movement. Mysterious form seems to be emerging from a field of linear static.


Catalina Bertola discovered this style a few months before discovering that she was unexpectedly pregnant. A baby was growing cell by cell within her as she meticulously drew- line by line.


She faced creative frustration with the monotony of the pattern. Doubt welled up when the pattern shifted out of her control. For Catalina Bertola, this creative process is a practice in balancing discipline and surrender- an illustration of spiritual growth happening in her personal life.


Speaking on the connection between her artwork and faith, Catalina Bertola said, ”I used to cling to control. I’d be upset when the Universe didn’t bend to my plans. But I am starting to understand that my life, including my unplanned pregnancy, is orchestrated by a God who knows more and loves more than I could imagine. With these drawings I don’t plan or prepare. I just pick up a pen and trust the process. God doesn’t expect me to have it all figured out. I just have to show up again and again and again and things have a way of naturally expanding into something beautiful.”

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